Gorelock 2, New Style


(GAD 2) When Ordering! (This is just the Fork, Pictured no DR) (Pictured is the replacement fork) If you are looking to mount onto a Moses pole or Magliner go to the Magdock mount.    You will need the GAD2 if using a post size larger than 1.580″. GAD2 size docking rings listed largest to smallest.  MK-V 4 stage post size of 2.125″, 2.00″, 1.860″, 1.800″, 1.790″,1.750″, 1.750DS,  1.685″, 1.580″,1.500″1.500DS, 1.495″, 1.477″ The O.D. of all the rings are the same size. If you do not see your post size, please call and inquire. The DR2 will not interchange with the old Gorelock 1. (GAD1)   Note: Not sure what GAD you have? The GAD1 is approx. 3″ wide, The GAD2 is approx. 3.500″ wide. That’s measuring outside to outside at front of fork.

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(GAD 2) (Pictured, This is just the Fork, no DR)

The GAD1 and the GAD2 forks have the same features. If you have a Pro sled with a 1.500″ post size and think you will be upgrading to a 2″ post in the future, I would suggest buying the GAD2. That way you will only need to purchase a different size docking ring.  The O.D. of all the rings are the same size. Be sure and double check the size for low mode placement. The GAD2 accommodates the all the post sizes. As before the same great features are still inter-graded. The key features are, no aircraft pin, automatically locks the sled in place, securely holds the sled from flopping from side to side when changing magazines or lenses, the docking ring can be positioned right under the top stage, the post never touches the fork when docking, the Gorelock1 & 2 has a built in 2 degree angle, the sled can be rotated in the fork for adjustments, Blue release levers are on both sides for ambidextrous operation, two handed control on the sled when mounting and dismounting. The new features are; now accepts the largest to smallest post size, starting with the MK-V  4 stage post size of 2.125″, 2.00″, 1.860″, 1.800″, 1.790″, 1.750″, 1.750DS, 1.685″, 1.580″, 1.500″, 1.500DS, 1.495″, 1.477″. The O.D. of all the rings are the same size.

Now sold with Blue Levers. Call if you do not see your post size listed.

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