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When Ordering! There are several different sleds and post sizes out there. When ordering you need to know your center post size or location you want to place the docking ring. Also, you need to know what arm post size you are using to provide the proper balance stud size. (Example: (Flyer/Pilot is 1/2″ Stud)  (3-A/Pro is 5/8″ Stud)  (Master/Ultra is 3/4″ Stud) Now supplied with the gad tilt function! Below are a few examples of the part numbers and pricing. Docking rings now sold separately! The DR2 will not interchange with the original Gorelock. (GAD1)

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Streamline Docking Bracket

The GAD1 will work with the 1.580″ O.D. and smaller center post size. The GAD1 and the GAD2 have the same features. The GAD1 has a smaller width fork and will only accept the 1.580″ below I.D. docking rings. If you have a Pro sled with a 1.500″ post size and think you will be upgrading to a 2″ post in the future, I would suggest buying the GAD2. That way you will only need to purchase a different size docking ring. Also reintroduced for the Mag-Dock. This will integrate into what you already are using. The GAD2 larger version of the GAD1. This accommodates the all the post sizes. As before the same great features are still inter-graded the key features are, no aircraft pin, automatically locks the sled in place, securely holds the sled from flopping from side to side when changing magazines or lenses, the docking ring can be positioned right under the top stage, the post never touches the fork when docking, the Gorelock1 & 2 has a built in 2 degree angle, the sled can be rotated in the fork for adjustments, blue release levers are on both sides for ambidextrous operation, two handed control on the sled when mounting and dismounting.

GAD1 has a smaller diameter fork and will only accept the 1.580″ and smaller I.D. docking rings. You will need the GAD1 if using a center post size smaller than 1.580″. GAD1 size docking rings listed largest to smallest.  Master/Ultra/Clipper 1.580″, 1500″, 1.495″, 1.477″, 1.371″, 1.102″, .859″  Docking rings now for the Flyer/Zephyr/Scout in stock. The O.D. of all the rings are the same size. Be sure and double check the size for low mode placement.

GAD2 now accepts the largest to smallest center post size, starting with the MK-V 4 stage center post size of 2.125″, 2.00″, 1.860″, 1.800 “, 1.790″,1.750″ Volt, 1.685″, 1.580″, 1.500″ 1.495″ 1.477” The O.D. of all the rings are the same size. Be sure and double check the size for low mode placement.

Streamline Balance bracket. New and improved positive stand clamping. Designed for 5/8″ baby stud, light-stands and c-stands. (Will not work on 1/2″ lightweight light stands) Larger balance stud screws. Fork tilt function still built in. Streamline means no Kipp handles sticking out. You can now place your tool holder or post holder on either side or both for a total workstation. Use your 5/32″ or 4mm T-handle too clamp bracket to stand.

Balance Studs, Their are three sizes of studs to choose from. This is the same size as your arm post, for your gimbals to locate for sled balance.  Sizes: 3/4″ Tiffen, 5/8″ Pro-3A, 1/2″ Flyer, Scout

Additional information

Weight 90 oz
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 in

GAD1″ with HBBF (1/2" Balance Studs), GAD1″ with HBBP (5/8" Balance Studs), GAD1″ with HBBM (3/4" Balance Studs), GAD2″ with HBBF (1/2" Balance Studs), GAD2″ with HBBP (5/8" Balance Studs), GAD2″ with HBBM (3/4" Balance Studs)

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