Preston Adjustable Motor Mounts

P.A.M. – Lighter, Better, Stronger, Easier, More Options, Cost Less! The PAM mount allows owners of Preston motors to simplify operation. The new PAM Mount take s advantage of the design of the motor and uses it to the operators benefit. As there is a hole that goes all the way through the motor (the mounting rod), a rosette is secured in the place of the rod. This allows the motor to be used on either side without going through the difficulty of changing the bracket setup. The PAM mount keeps the motor at a right angle to the lens at all times. PAM is positive locking, every 10 degrees to the lens over 360 degrees. The mount is also adjustable horizontally relative to the lens by 5″ inches. Attaches to any standard iris rods. PAM is very quick and easy to use. The motor mount can stay built even when not in use. And best of all, the PAM Mount weighs just 3.4 ounces. (This is less than Prestons current swing arm.) All PAM Mounts are hard anodized black.