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(Sold as pictured, No GAD) The Hill balance bracket that is user friendly. Now with tilt function! This is available in Pro/3A/EFP & Master/Elite, Ultra/Clipper stud sizes.   (Just the HBB look at complete for GAD/HBBP assembly)

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New Streamline balance bracket that is user friendly. Here you go Pro owners! Spin balance on the docking bracket. No more setting up the dolly or extinction arms. And 3A owners, no more turning the docking bracket around to balance the sled. Spin or static balance can be achieved of any sled with this new design. No more banging of the arm and the tools getting in the way when turning the docking bracket around as before, not to mention holding the rig and trying to do this at the same time. This balance bracket solves allot of the headaches. To balance the sled simply un-dock from the Gorelock and pull the balancing post towards you and position the gimbal on the stud and spin or static balance. When done remove from stud and slide balancing post to the rear and dock the sled. The balancing post can be used to hang the vest when not in the balance mode.The blue knob is for setting the tension or drag on the balancing post. There are two 5/8″ C-stand clamps to choose from. Designed for 5/8″ baby stud light stand or c-stands. (Will not work with 1/2″ lite-weight light stands). The forward position will be used 90% of the time. The second position are those few times when you need more clearance between the stand and the sled, like low mode. Use your 5/32″ or 4mm  T-handle to clamp bracket onto stand. (The balance post extends 13″ inches from the stand. The arm stinger can be positioned from side to side by pushing up and over.(Spring loaded) The tool holder can be placed on either side of the docking bracket or can be removed all together, as you prefer. The extra holes can be used for the  arm post holder . (Not supplied with docking bracket) Also rock steady, no slop in movement of adjusting parts. Body is hard anodized black, and the brake knob is blue. Arm stinger and studs are 303 stainless steel. (Rev-2 Allows the Gad to be tilted for easy charting of the camera.)

This is available in Pro/3A/EFP & Master/Elite, Ultra/Clipper stud sizes. Now Archer.

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 6 in
Stud Size

HBB 1/2" Clipper Balance Studs, HBB 5/8" 3A-Pro Balance Studs, HBB 3/4" Master Balance Studs

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