Moviecam Compact/SL L.M.B.

Moviecam Compact/SL low mode bracket combo kit. Now a L.M.B. that will work on both bodies. Simple to install and lightweight. The kit includes one cheese plate and four standoff’s. (Two for Compact and two for SL) Select the standoffs for the body that you are using and the cheese plate. The cheese plate has two counter bore slots for the square to round iris rods, for mounting lens motors. (Rods not included) The cheese plate can be adjusted fore and aft on the standoffs for center balance. All screws included. The L.M.B. can also be purchased as a dedicated bracket for each model separately. Camera courtesy of Rocky Mountain M.P. Rental. Weight: 10oz.

MDR 2 & 3 Mount

This is a new mount system for interfacing your Preston MDR 2 & 3 to the GPI Pro Donkey box 2 & 3. This new design will allow the operator to position the MDR box at 90 degree positions. This will allow your lens and power cables to come out the side of the lens if needed. Adjustment forward and aft for clearance of your cables. The other benefit to this design is its simple and quick MDR removal to go to A or B camera. Or if you are an operator that has two sleds one set-up for low mode and one for regular operating, swapping over is simple. The best part of all the Quick release mount that attaches into the Arriflex 3/8-16” screw pattern on the camera bodies. The MDR box will be able to be clocked on the camera to your desired position as well.

Note: There is a mounting difference between the Donkey Box 2 and Donkey Box  3. The DB2 mounts with two 6/32, 2″ spread. The DB3 is three 6/32 in a V- pattern. Please double check what you own!

Part #Pro-DB2 to MDR2     Weight: .10 oz    $200.00

Part #Pro-DB3 to MDR3    Weight: .10 oz     $200.00