Betz Iris Rod Mt. – MDR3 Mt. – QR Mount


MDR3 Mount

Iris Rod Mount




MDR3 Mount bracket (Revised) to interface with the Betz Top Stage (60mm) Iris rod  Mount. This  mount slides onto the Betz or Pro top stage Iris rods.

The 60mm rod spacing is also the same spacing as the Arri Alexa. You will need to add the MDR3 Mt. to interface with this part. The Popper will also work with this part.

The MDR3 bracket mounts to the MDR3 box on top or bottom. Two screws mount from the side in the right-side up position. The Iris rod mount attaches to it in the center of the box.(4 Screws)  The box can be positioned every 90 degrees for what ever cable position you prefer. In the upside down position two screws mount from the side and two on the bottom side.

The MDR box can still be positioned every 90 degrees for cable placement, the box labeling will be upside down. (Shown in pictures)

If you need a quick release, the Popper can be sandwiched in between the two brackets. (shown in pictures)

Anodized black comes with screws!

Additional information

Weight 6 oz

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