Gorelock 2 Large Docking Rings.

The GAD1 and the GAD2 have the same features. The GAD1 has a smaller diameter fork and will only accept the 1.580″ and smaller I.D. docking rings. You will need the GAD2 fork if using a post size larger than 1.580″ I.D. GAD2 size docking rings listed largest to smallest.  MK-V 4 stage post size of 2.125″, 2.00″, 1.900″, 1.860″, 1.800″, 1.790″,1.750″, 1.750″DS, 1.685″, 1.580″,1.500″ 1.500DS, 1.495″, 1.477″ The O.D. of all the rings are the same size. Call if you do not see your post size listed.

In Stock! #DR2-1.500DS & #DR2-1.750″DS  This is a Double Sided docking ring for you Volt owners. Placed under the gimbal so you can dock right side-up or up-side down with out flipping the ring.

Coming Soon: #DR-1500″DS – Double sided fro Pro post. 08/26/22

PAM Offset

The PAM Offset allows the motor to be offset by one or two inches depending on which way you position the motor. This replaces the arm clamp with a new clamp that has a one-inch standoff between the motor and the support arm. This allows you to get the motor into the Iris gear and around corners. This PAM Offset combined with the width of the motor will give you two inches offset. Takes seconds to install and requires no tools.

D-Clamp Replacement Part

D-Clamp Replacement part
Part #PamDClamp

Tech Note: If the lock down screw seems to stop, like it bottoms out. The cause maybe galling, (Adhesion friction) Try a drop of lubrication under the washer.

The plastic T-handle. When they break, don’t throw the screw away! You can press on another cap.

Hill Handle

While shooting in low mode the live yoke is upside down and there is no place to hold the arm. The Hill Handle is a round tube that slips onto the arm post. It clamps around the arm post and is adjustable up and down and to any angle. This does not mar the post and takes a second to use. Makes low mode feel more comfortable to operate. (5/8″ arm post only)

MDR 2-3 Mount Plates

Preston MDR 2 & 3 mount plates. These plates are needed to interface the MDR to the Steadicam mount and as a stand along to use with the Quick Release “Popper”. The MDR 2 plate can be mounted on the top or bottom of the MDR box.

The MDR- 3 Mounts (revised) form the side of the box. The MDR-3 bracket now since revised can mount from top or bottom. The square receiver is no longer included with the 3 Bracket. It can mount directly to the Betz Iris rod mount. Can still be clocked for cable direction. If you want your motor/power cables to locate to a certain place just clock it 90 degrees. When used with the Quick lease, just a push of a button and it is removed. No Tools!

New Pic’s coming of the revised MDR-3 bracket.

EVF Adapter’s

These now come with a captive 3/8″-16 Low Head Screw “SHCS”. So you can mount directly to the camera handle or any 3/8-16 threaded hole. The two side holes are 1/4″-20 helical threads inserts. For use with magic arm or flex arm.

This is an adapter that goes onto the dovetail of the Alexa EVF (Electronic View Finder) and now Sony Venice so you can mount it to an Magic arm or Israeli arm. If you are shooting in confined space and need the EVF located in a weird way. This adapter allows you to mount the EVF where you need it.

The adapter has the female dovetail and one 3/8″-16 Captive Low Head Screw for placement. Comes with one 3/8″-16 Screw and Two  1/4″-20 Helical thread inserts.

Anodized Black.


MDR Plate (Flat & Right Angle)

Here is an option for mounting the Preston MDR. The MDR mounts on the large part of the plate. There is a 3/8-16 Screw knob for you to quickly mount them to the side of the camera, handle, low mode plate, accessory cube (below) and Etc. The screw knob is captive. The new washer and pins keep the secure the plate to that position. It can be removed if not using on Arri design. Anodized Black. #CP012-1 is for the new smaller MDR-3! Now offered in a right angle version.

Arm Post

Replacement arm post for the Pro, 3-A, EFP, sleds. These are 5/8″ in dia. May fit other model rigs on the market. Now available in 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″,14″ lengths. Anodized “Black”   (Sold with No Holes)

Note: New Conversion arm post: Both arm post are 8″ in length only, solid stock with arm hanger hole on bottom.

#CAP 5/8″A-Up 3/4″Sled    Part # translates to: (CAP) Conversion Arm Post, 5/8″post in Arm, converting Up to 3/4″ in Sled.

#CAP 3/4″A-Dn 5/8″Sled   Part # translates to: (CAP) Conversion Arm Post,    3/4″ post in Arm, converting Down to 5/8″ in Sled.


Arm Post/Tool Hanger

The Arm Post/Tool hanger will hold up to 4- 5/8″ arm post with clamps installed.  Also 3- T-handle tools. This hanger replaces the current tool holder. The tools can be located inside or outside of the arm post.

The hanger can be mounted on either side of the docking bracket. Shown to the right is the most forward mounting and can be moved back to the left from there by two places. It can be flipped over to mount on the other side or lower the posts a little. The release model will have radius corners.

Made of Black Delrin. (Arm Post/Tools not included) Demonstrated with 4″,6″,8″,10″ arm Post.  (Now in 5/8″ and 3/4″ arm post sizes)


This bracket allows you to offset or adapt your motor mounting. One end has a 15mm clamp. The other end has a 19mm clamp. This end will clamp onto a 19mm iris rod (new Arri) or can be used with my inserts to reduce down to the 5/8″ ( Panavision ) or the 15mm (old Arri) iris rods. The Dog bone has a two-inch center-to-center spacing. This is handy for getting the motor into those awkward places. Now with adjustable handle on the 19mm side. (Dogbone 19mm-15mm)

Also now available in 15mm to 15mm with adjustable handle.

PAM to DM-4 Adapter

The DM-4 adapter allows you to use the PAM mounting system on the DM-4 motor. This replaces the Preston rosette with the Pam size. This is only the rosette to mate the PAM D-clamp to the DM-4. This will allow you to use the D-clamps and Iris arms you currently have. What you will receive is the un-anodized part shown. The rosette can be mounted on either side of the bottom part of the motor. Anodized black.

#Pam to Cmotion/Arri Spool


Rosette for the Cmotion or Arri Focus motor. The rosette is faced on both sides so you can use the adjusting arm from either side without flipping the rosette over.
The rosette takes the place of the iris rod. The Pam D-clamps and arms interface with the rosette to make the motor more adjustable.
The rosette has Helicoil threads for years of use. Motor not included.

Note: I have reports the cforce plus motor is different?

To make up a Pam kit: Choose arm size, 19mm, 5/8″ or 15mm arm, Pam D-clamp, and this rosette.


#Pam to DM4X Motor Adap.

Pam to DM4X Motor Adapter.
The DM4x motor is supplied with a rosette. However the rosette has the wrong resolution to interface with the PAM motor mount system.
This adapter will allow you to use your Pam mounts on this motor. This replaces the rosette on the bottom of the motor. The arm can be positioned on either side of the motor. A little instillation is required. This is diffrent for the DM4 motor!
Anodized Black.