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Preston Lens Control

Preston Wireless Lens Control. Kit contains: Handset, MDR-2 Receiver, 2-DM-1 Motors with Hill Pam mounts, Modulus Video sender, 4 Batteries, Charger, Cables with cable pouch, Lens Gears, Brackets, Rods, Extra Pam arms, Neck strap, ATA case, Dogbone, Pana Bracket, Hill 2-N-1 mount, Reducers, screws this is a complete kit. Modified by Preston to shoot 3-D production.  (Can control two motors at same time, in sync) Works normal as well! My personnel kit!  Complete kit as you see it: $10,500.00  O.B.O,  Sold As-is,  Local pick-up only!  Add Steadicam and go!

Sony HVR-Z1U HDV1080 DVCAM Cameras

Two Sony HVR-Z1U 1080 Cameras. Very low hours and use. Used for 3-D production Left/Right. Used to shoot “Night of the living Dead 3-D” along with other films! We used these cameras and blew- it up to full size theater screen. This package contains 2-Sony Z1U cameras, Pelican 1600 case, 4 batteries, Charger, head phones, cables, Manual, Kata soft case for one camera.    $500.00   Sold As-is,  Local pick-up only!

Cheese plate.

Movicam cheese plates.  Use them for whatever you need?  3/8-16″ and 1/4″ Tapped holes. Make your own low mode bracket?  Anodized grey.   (33 available)   $10.00 each plate. (New)   Sold As-is.

Iris Rods

4- 5/8″ dia.  x 16″ long, SS Iris rods. (Panavision size) $20.00 each rod.  Sold As-is.

Video Tap kit!

This kit includes the following. Eyepiece tap 16/35, XC-77 Camera, Sony Hi-8 Recorder,Cables, Case and misc. mounts. $800.00 O.B.O  Sold As-is.  Local pick-up only!

3-D Mini Camera Mounts

Small custom camera mounts on sliding bar. Different lengths of bars can be swapped out. Tripod mount plate .    Dovetail mounts for camera’s. Laval.  (2 mounts available) $500.00 Each mount.   Sold As-is.  Local pick-up only!

They weigh less than a pound!  Can be used with Steadicam!

3-D Viewer

3-D Monitor/Viewer. Two trans-video monitors with beam spliter to view 3-D production on the fly. Checking alignment. Uses the NP-1 batteries. Light stand attachment and the light stand with NP-1 battery housing.

All included $1000.00       O.B.O    Sold As-is.  Local pick-up only!

NTSC Pattern Generator

Pattern Generator, Used in 3-D work.  $75.00  O.B.O    Sold As-is.

Pag Quad Charger

Pag Quad charger. (No Cables) $55.00  O.B.O    Sold As-is.

Pag Charger

Pag Charger.  $25.00  O.B.O    Sold As-is.

NP1 Bats and charger.

3-NP1 and Charger.  $75.00 O.B.O    Sold As-is.

Modulus Video sender

Modulus RF video sender. Modulus 2000, cables, ant., Case  $500.00   Sold As-is.

Arm Covers

3-A arm spring covers (set of 4) $40.00   Sold As-is.

C.P. Fork “Nice”

C.P. Fork with pin and lock down screw. Rubber coated fork. I think this was for model 1&2 sleds? Price:$25.00 Sold As-is.

Tiffen Lens Shade

“New” Tiffen Rubber Wide Angle Lens shade to series 9. with box!  Price: $18.00 Sold as-is. Shipping.

EFP fork

EFP Fork only. as you see it below. No Pin just fork. Price: $10.00 Sold As-is. Shipping

BNC Cable

BNC cable $10.00 (2 available)  Sold As-is.

“New” C.P. Sled Fork

“Mint” C.P. Sled Fork! Stunning Brand new too nice to use? Same as above, but in mint condition. Price: $75.00 Sold as-is, Shipping.


Anton Bauer Charger

Quad charger, $50.00   O.B.O    Sold As-is.

Anton Bauer Batts

Pro pack 14 batts. $20.00 each  Sold As-is.

Anton Bauer Charger

Duel Charger. $40.00   O.B.O    Sold As-is.

Anton Bauer Charger

Anton Bauer single charger $35.00   O.B.O    Sold As-is.

Precision Eyepiece Video Tap 16/35

Eyepiece video tap made by Precision Camera in Canada, Like new! $800.00 O.B.O. Sold As-is, Shipping.

n.o.s – Pelican 1400 case.

New old stock! Pelican #1400 case. 6″ Deep x 131/2″ Long $30.00  Sold As-is.

N.O.S. – Seal Tight Case

Seal Tight Case 18 7/8″ x 14 1/4″ x 8 1/4″ Inside dim. Cubed foam $35.00 each. (2 available) New Old Stock!  Sold As-is.

Norms C-Stand

C-stand, was used for Steadicam operation.  $50.00 O.B.O    Sold As-is. Local pick-up only.

Peter Lisand Head & Sticks

Head & Sticks (use as a prop)  Built is spreader. $30.00  O.B.O    Sold As-is. Local pick-up only.

Tripod (bowl)

Used bowl sticks. $40.00  O.B.O    Sold As-is. Local pick-up only.

Arriflex SR 1 & 2 LMB.

N.O.S (New Old Stock) Arriflex SR 1& 2 LMB. This replaces the handle on the Sr 1 & 2. Still allows for the mag to be removed. $35.00

Sold As-is, No returns or exchanges, 3- Available (Can be Shipped! )

Eyemo 35mm Film Mags

Eyemo 35mm 400 Ft. Mags in the case. In near mint condition. The wooden case is very nice as well. The case is lined with fabric and has a take up reel storage. I would like to sell the mags together can not break up the two. Serial #10787 Serial #10789. Made by the Bell & Howell Co. Make offer!

2Mags1 2Mags3 2Mags5 2Mags6

Arriflex 35-3 400Ft. Mags

Arrilex 3-400 Ft. Magazines and carring case. Wooden case is in great shape. The mags and in nice shape. All in perfect working order. Just a few scratches from use. Serial #s 544, 5012, 5038. Complete mags and case! Price: Make Offer!

Mag Case Mag Case2 Mag Case3 Mag Label Mag Mag2 Mag4


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