Steadicam Iris Rods


Arri SR-3 Iris Mount

Accessory Iris rod mount for the above (SR-3) bracket. This will enable you to use the Hill square to round iris rod’s. Supplied with all mounting screws. (Anodized Purple)…(Rods are not included with SR3IrisMt.)Part #SR3IrisMt
Weight: 1.62 oz


Hill 2-N-1 Motor Mount

This is a motor rod for Arri cameras. It looks like a lollipop and screws into the rosette where the handle would go. The mating side of the Hill 2-N-1 is made of nylon so it conforms the rosette and will not move. The name 2-N-1 means that it has two uses. The mount can be taken apart so you have a square to round rod that will slip into the square access hole on the Arri BL’s and the Arri 35-III handle.

Part #H21
Weight: 2.80 oz


Alexa Lateral 15mm Iris Rod Bracket

This 15mm rod holder attaches to the above Accessory Cube. It has the Arri style mounting. Use an Allen hex key and screws onto the Cube, there are two pins on the bottom to keep it aligned. Once mounted a 15mm round Iris rod of any length can be inserted and clamped down securely. Sold as shown. 15mm rods are available at extra cost. Anodized Black.

Part #CP027
Weight: .11 oz


Arri 15mm and 19mm Motor Rod

This is a 15mm & 19mm rod that 3.50″ long. It has the Arri style 3/8-16 thread and the two locating pins. It has a knurled knob at the end for easy attachment. Can be used with the accessory cube above or directly onto the Arriflex camera. No Tools. Anodized Black.

Part #CP021 15mm
Weight: .08 oz

Part #CP023 19mm
Weight: .08 oz


Moviecam Compact/SL Iris stud

Iris Pull? This spud takes seconds to put on a moviecam body. There is a small dovetail on the face of the camera, next to the lens. This simply slides onto that dovetail and a finger knob secures it. This can be used as a primary focus motor spud or a quick addition in the case of an Iris pull. Will work with both Compact and SL Bodies. The stud is (15mm) 2 ½” long and is Anodized Gray.Part #MCom/SLSpud
Weight: 1.35 oz.


Arri Iris Rod Clamp

This allows you to add an iris rod quick and easy. This Iris rod clamp inserts into the Arri dovetails. It works in combination with the Hill square to round rods. The clamp has two slots in the top of it for the rods to run horizontal or vertical (Depending on the camera). This will work on the following Arriflex camera’s 535, 435, 35-3, SR-3, and any other cameras that have been modified with the Arri dovetail. The AIRC can be purchased alone by itself for those who own the rods already, and also with a rod as a kit. Comes as you see in the picture to the above left.Part #AIRC (Only)

Part #AIRCSR35 (AIRC / SR-3.5″ Rod)

Part #AIRCSR5 (AIRC / SR-5″ Rod)

Part #AIRCSR7 (AIRC / SR-7″ Rod)




Hill Pana Bracket

The Pana bracket mounts onto Panavision® cameras only.
This bracket allows up to 5 locations to mount rods. The bracket is very simple to install. It just slides onto the round accessory plug/matte box rod holder. This bracket is very strong and secure and will support any lens drive motor. Also will not interfere with low mode operation. (Rods sold separately)Part #HP
Weight: 6.89 oz


Dog bone 15mm to 19mm

This bracket allows you offset or adapt your motor mounting. One end has a 15mm clamp with a 3.5″ long 15mm rod supplied. The other end has a 19mm clamp. This end will clamp onto a 19mm iris rod (new Arri) or can be used with my inserts to reduce down to the 5/8″ ( Panavision ) or the 15mm (old Arri) iris rods. The Dog bone has a two-inch center-to-center spacing. This is handy for getting the motor into those awkward places. Now with adjustable handle on the 19mm side. (Dogbone 19mm-15mm with/15mm rod 3.5″L)Part #Dogbone 15mm-19mm


Panavision Modular Motor Mount

This bracket inserts into the modular follow focus dovetail plate (MFFA) that is located directly under the lens. The Panavision modular mount replaces the manual focus knob with a Preston motor.The Panavision modular plate (MFFA) is required to use this bracket.The PMM-2 is a bracket that slides onto the Panavision modular follow focus dovetail mount. The PMM-2 is supplied with two 15mm x 3″ rods for motor placement. The PAM bracket system will interface directly off the 15mm rods to drive focus, iris, zoom for most lenses. This bracket is fully captive so you won’t lose parts.

Part #PMM-2

Part #PMM-2-6″Rod each

This longer replacement rod will work with the PMM-2 and Moviecam Com/SLSpud.


Square to Round Rods

These are different length rods for use with the #H21, #HP, #HLMB, #SR3Lmb, #SR3IVS, #AIRC. All rods are 15mm in diameter for motor placement. Lengths Available: 3.5″, 5″, 7″ inch lengths.Part #SR3.5
Weight: 1.22 oz.
3.5″ square to round rod

Part #SR5
5″ square to round rod

Part #SR7
7″ square to round rod



Round Rods

Part #RR3.5
Round Rod 15mm x 3.5″ Long

Part #RR5
Round Rod 15mm x 5″ Long

Arm Post

Part #AP6
Arm Post ….. 6″ Long
Part #AP8
Arm Post ….. 8″ Long
Part #AP10
Arm Post …..10″ Long
Part #AP12
Arm Post …..12″ Long

$40.00 each

Arm Post Clamp

Arm post clamp for 5/8″ post with thrust bearing for Pro, 3-A, EFP,Glidecam. Anodized Blue.

Part# APC


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